How to put my boat on the trailer correctly?

Step 1: Take appropriate measurements.
First, put your boat on the trailer and take some measurements. When doing so, please leave a space of 2 inches between the keel and the top of the tongue plate. The beam must be flush with the top of the bunk or roller. In addition, ensure that the bow eye reaches the winch column. If this is the case, please keep the rear axle in position A. Please remember that proper measurement is needed here. Otherwise, when you start tugging, the ship may shake at any time. As a result, this may leave some key problems, such as speedometer problems. Therefore, you must fully understand the correct measurement methods.

Step 2: Repair the berth of the trailer.
You need a wrench to repair the berth of the boat trailer. But it must be unusual. This is just an ordinary wrench we use. To loosen the nut, use a wrench. The berth bracket on the marine trailer is fixed in place by these bolts. You can start at the front of the berth. Then raise the berth until it is flush with the bottom of the boat. After that, tighten until the berth is safe.
Step 3: Recheck the level.
Finally, recheck the liquid level and measured value. Ensure that the weight of the hinge ball does not exceed the given limit. And is limited to 10% of the total weight of the boat and trailer. If you think all this is correct, then you can start.
So, these are the simple steps you need to follow.

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