What kind of trailer should I choose for my engine?

Just like ships come in all shapes and sizes, there are different trailers to transport all kinds of ships. For example, a motorboat will have a flat hull, unlike a sailboat, which will have a keel. In order to ensure that the motorboat is in good condition during transportation, you need to choose a roller trailer. The roller is a small wheel placed on the trailer frame. Roller trailer is an ideal choice for fishing boats, hard ships, Japanese ships and semi-hard ships under 7 meters. There are two adjustable axle supports to stabilize your boat on both sides. It is very important to install the brakes on the trailer, because it can better distribute the weight when braking.
Sailing boats need to use trailers with brackets and many bearing rollers under the keel; This will help to support the ship. Also remember to calculate the height of your boat in order to best adapt to the support of the shaft. It is very useful to have a baffle in front, because it can stop the ship.
The following briefly introduces the difference between roller trailer and pad trailer.
Roller trailer is very suitable for launching and loading when it is on shallow slope or low tide. Operating equipment (brakes, wheels, springs, axles, etc.) will not be frequently exposed to salt water or fresh water, which will cause less damage in the long run. The purchase cost and maintenance cost of roller trailers are usually higher.
Pad trailers are more affordable because of their simple design and few parts, which means easier maintenance and repair. Most pad trailers are allowed to drive on the road. The trailer must be relatively deep in the water to get into the water or retrieve your boat in this way. Because the dunnage trailer must be immersed in water, your running equipment is more vulnerable to damage, especially in salt water environment.

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