How to usr electric jockey wheels ?

The electric jockey wheel is a convenient and efficient tool for moving trailers and caravans with ease. This device is equipped with a motor that helps to lift and lower the trailer hitch, making it easier to attach and detach from a vehicle.

To use the electric jockey wheel, simply attach it to the trailer hitch and turn on the motor. Use the controls to raise or lower the hitch as needed. The electric jockey wheel can also be used to maneuver the trailer into tight spaces or position it accurately for hitching.

One of the benefits of the electric jockey wheel is that it reduces the physical strain of manually moving a heavy trailer. It is also a time-saving tool, allowing you to hitch and unhitch your trailer quickly and easily.

Overall, the electric jockey wheel is a useful and practical device for anyone who regularly uses trailers or caravans. It simplifies the process of moving and hitching trailers, making it a must-have tool for any towing enthusiast.

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