1200lbs Jockey wheel swivel jack

*Material: Steel

*Surface: Galvanized

*Load Capacity: 1200lbs/544kg

*Lifting Height: 10.24in/26cm

*Min. Height: 22.8in/58cm

*Max. Height: 33.1in/84cm

*Wheel Diameter: 6″

*Weight: 7kg

Product details

Trailer jack with capacity up to 1200 lbs. Equipped with Nylon tires, providing a larger surface area and a smooth ride. It can go through mud, gravel, and sharp rocks without getting stuck. Ergonomic handle allows effortless trailer lifting. The multifunctional trailer jack is made of  steel and coated with an anti-rust coating to ensure its long-lasting use. Experience the reliability you need for every unforgettable outdoor adventure

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