1500lbs Wire Rope Winch

*Anti-rotation galavnzied steel wire rope
*High strength alloy wheel hook
*Thickened stamping main frame

Product details

This winch’s capacity is 1500lbs with wire rope. Professional spraying treatment, corrosion-resistant and rust-resisitant, handle ergonomic design, anti-slip wear resistance. The two-stage gear transmission is safe and efficient, the emergency brake handle is easy to grip, ensuring safety.

Name Lateral traction Lower and upper hoisting Speed ratio Inner diameter of drum disc/(mm) Outer diameter of drum disc/(mm) Length Belt/wire rope width Weight
1200LBS braided belt 500KG 150KG 4.2:1 20 138 8M/12M 50mm 3.5KG/3.8KG
1200LBS wire rope 500KG 150KG 4.2:1 20 138 10M/30M 4mm 3.7KG/5.2KG
1600LBS wire rope 720KG 200KG 4:1 63 138 10M/30M 4mm 4.2KG/5.8KG
2000LBS braided belt 1000KG 400KG 4.2:1 20 138 8M/12M 50mm 4KG/4.2KG
2000LBS wire rope 1000KG 400KG 4.2:1 20 138 10M/20M 5mm 4.2KG/5.8KG
2500LBS braided belt 1150KG 500KG 5.4:1


28 169 10M 60mm 7.8KG
2500LBS wire rope 1150KG 500KG 5.4:1


28 169 10M 5mm 9.6KG
1200LBS wire rope 500KG 150KG 4:1 48 132 5M—30M 4mm 4KG
1800LBS wire rope 800KG 300KG 4:1 60 180 5M—30M 5mm 8KG
2600LBS wire rope 1100KG 600KG 8:1 75 180 5M—30M 6mm 10.3KG

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