2-5/16″ ball ,10000lbs

*2-5/16″ ball
*10000lbs capacity
*Suitable for A frame trailer
*Finish:Black, Oil, Zinc
*Easy lock latch system

Product details

A typical “A-frame” trailer with frame rails that meet at a 50 degree angle.
A-frame couplers are designed to fit over the very front end of the trailer where frame rails join together. Since industry standards specify a 50 degree angle, there’s no special consideration needed when purchasing any A-frame coupler – except for personal preference when it comes to choosing a trigger latch or sliding collar release mechanisms. Popular uses for A-frame design tongues are landscape trailers, utility trailers, and car haulers from 5,000 to 15,000 lb. A-frame couplers are usually intended to be welded onto the trailer frame rather than bolted in place.

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