39mm round non-braked axle

*39mm round axle

*750KG capacity

*Galvanized finish

*Without brake

*Length customizable

Product details

39mm round non-braked axle kit includes: 2 pieces 5 stud 150mm hubs, 2 inner bearings, 2 outer bearings, 2 dust caps and 2 seals. This axle is made of steel, 39mm round, 750KG capacity. NOn-braked axles are generally used on smaller, single axle trailers with no brakes and a GTM of 750kg. The non-braked axle  is a type of axle that does not have its own braking system and relies on the braking system of the towing vehicle to slow down or stop the trailer. The non-braked axle is generally more affordable and lighter than a braked axle, making it a popular choice for smaller trailers. The non-braked axle is designed to distribute the weight of the trailer evenly across the wheels, ensuring stability and safety during transportation.


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