4 leaf Single Eye and Slipper Spring

* 4 leaf

*Single eye and slipper end (C hook)

*Higher capacity options available

*Painted or Galvanised options

*Multiple leaves that absorb road shock for smooth, quiet rides

Product details

4 leaf, 45mm X 8mm (width X thick), 850KG capacity. Single eye and slipper spring is a type of trailer suspension system that is commonly used in heavy-duty trailers. The single eye refers to the attachment point of the spring to the trailer frame, while the slipper is the part of the spring that rests on the axle. This design allows for a smooth ride and better weight distribution, reducing the wear and tear on the trailer and cargo. The slipper spring is known for its durability and low maintenance requirements, making it an ideal choice for long hauls and rough terrain. Overall, the single eye and slipper spring is a reliable and versatile suspension system that is widely used in the transportation industry.

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