8 leaf Rocker Roller Spring

* 8 leaf

*4500KG capacity

*for tandem axle trailers

*With heavy duty capacity

*High quality, durable steel construction

Product details

Tandem rocker roller spring set, 8 leaf, 60mm X 7mm (width X thick), 4500KG capacity. The tandem rocker roller spring set is a mechanical component commonly used in heavy-duty trailers. Its main function is to absorb shock and vibration while providing stability to the vehicle’s suspension system. The set consists of two parallel rocker arms that are connected by a pivot point and fitted with rollers. The rollers allow for smooth movement and help distribute the weight of the vehicle evenly across the suspension system. One of the key features of this set is its ability to handle heavy loads and provide a stable ride even on rough terrain. The tandem configuration also allows for greater weight distribution, reducing the risk of overloading and improving overall performance.

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