500lbs Jockey Wheel with Clamp

* 500lbs

*8‘’ rubber wheel with metal rim

*Top wind with clamp

*10 inch travel, Φ42mm pipe

*with a comfortable and strong handle

Product details

This europe jockey wheel with clapm is with 8‘’ rubber wheel with metal rim, 500lbs capacity, 10inch travel, Φ42mm pipe. This light and medium duty jockey wheel is ideal for small trailers and is vey popular in Europe market. A trailer jockey wheel is an essential component of a trailer that is used to support the front end of the trailer when it is disconnected from the towing vehicle. The jockey wheel is designed to be easily adjustable in height, so that it can be used on trailers of different sizes. The jockey wheel makes it easy to move the trailer around by hand, which is especially useful when parking or maneuvering in tight spaces.

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