5 leaf double eye spring

* 5 leaf

*Double eye spring

*2000KG capacity

* Better weight distribution

*Reduces wear and tear on trailer

Product details

Eye and Eye spring, 5 leaf, 60mm X 7mm (width X thick), 2000KG capacity. The eye and eye spring is a type of mechanical spring that is designed with two identical loops or eyes at each end. The primary function of this spring is to absorb and store mechanical energy when it is compressed or stretched, and then release this energy when the spring is allowed to return to its original shape. It can provide a consistent level of force over a wide range of deflection. This makes it ideal for use in applications where precise control of force and movement is required. Additionally, the spring is made from high-quality steel, which ensures its long-lasting performance even under heavy loads or repeated use. Another advantage of the eye and eye spring is its ease of installation and maintenance. The eyes at each end of the spring can be easily attached to other components or structures, and the spring itself requires little to no maintenance to continue functioning properly.

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