Disc hub 5 stud 150.0mm

* 5 stud, PCD: 114.3mm

*1000~1500KG capacity

*Disc hub

*Less affected by water or rust

*Eliminate unequal braking on either side of the side

Product details

Our disc hub kits include hub, grease seal, grease cap and lug nuts. The capacity of disc hubs range from 1000KG ~2000KG per pair. Disc brakes have fewer moving parts and dissipate heat more efficiently, and the calipers are self-adjusting. 100% braking in both forward and reverse directions without losing braking ability when backing up. The  disc hub is a vital component of a trailer’s braking system and is responsible for transmitting the braking force from the trailer’s wheels to the brake pads. The hub’s main function is to support the trailer’s wheel and axle, while also providing a secure attachment point for the brake caliper. One of the key features of a trailer disc hub is its ability to dissipate heat effectively. This is essential for preventing the brakes from overheating and causing potential damage to the trailer or the driver. Additionally, the hub is designed to be low maintenance, with easily replaceable brake pads and seals to ensure long-lasting performance.

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