Drum hub 5stud 114.3mm

* drum hub

*5 stud, PCD: 114.3mm

*1000~1500KG capacity

*A variety of sizes, capacity and stud pattern

*Suitable for electric or hydraulic or mechanical brakes

Product details

Our drum hub kits include: hub, bearings, seal, dust cap. Made of cast iron for corrosion resistance, with superior strength and durability. The capacity of the drum hubs ranges from 1000-3000KG per pair. Our drum hubs are suitable for electric 、hydraulic or mechanical brakes. The trailer drum hub is a component of a trailer’s braking system. The hub is designed to securely hold the trailer’s brake drum in place. It also houses the bearings that allow the wheel to rotate smoothly. The hub is a crucial component for ensuring the trailer’s braking system works effectively and efficiently. The hub’s design varies depending on the type of trailer, but most have a flange that connects the hub to the axle and a center bore to fit over the spindle.

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