Hydraulic brake axle 39mm round

*39mm round axle

*1000KG capacity

*Galvanized/Natural finish

*With hydraulic backing plate

*A variety of sizes, capacity and stud pattern available

Product details

This axle is made of steel, 39mm round axle, 1000KG capacity. It is  also equipped with 2 pieces 5 stud 9 inch drum hubs, 2 weld rings, 2 hydraulic backing plates, 2 inner bearings, 2 outer bearings, 2 dust caps and 2 seals. Breeds and studs that have been pre-pressed.  Our drum-braked axles are suitable for electric or hydraulic or mechanical brakes. The drum brake is a type of braking system used in trailers that utilizes a drum-shaped component to slow down or stop the trailer. The primary function of a drum brake is to generate friction between the brake shoes and the drum to slow down or stop the rotation of the wheel. Drum brakes are commonly used in the rear wheels of most vehicles, as they are less prone to overheating and provide better stopping power under heavy loads or in wet conditions. They are also less expensive and easier to maintain than other types of braking systems. One of the unique features of drum brakes is their ability to self-adjust, which helps to maintain consistent braking performance over time.

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