Lazy hub 4 stud 100.0mm

* lazy/idler hub

*4 stud, PCD 100.0mm

*1000KG capacity

* without brakes

*Easy to install with common tools and fasteners

Product details

4 stud, 100.0mm PCD, 1000KG capacity. Our lazy hub kits include: hub, bearings, seal, dust cap. They are made of cast iron for corrosion resistance, with superior strength and durability. The trailer lazy hub is a device used to improve the efficiency of trailers. The hub is designed to reduce the amount of energy required to move the trailer by reducing the friction between the tires and the road. It does this by allowing the trailer to coast when it is not under power, reducing the amount of drag on the tires. It helps to ensure that the trailer can safely navigate hills and other challenging terrain. By reducing the amount of energy required to move the trailer, the hub can help to lower fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, the hub can help to extend the life of the tires by reducing wear and tear.

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