5400X2000mm Box/Cage Trailer


*Steel body

*Brakes – Hydraulic, Mechanical or Electric

*Tandem axles

*Galvanised finish

Product details

Size: 5400X2000mm, Weight: 700KG, Payload: 1200KG, Hot galvanized finish. The box/cage trailer is a versatile and practical transportation device used to haul various items and goods. It serves as a secure and enclosed container that can be attached to a vehicle, such as a truck or a car, for transporting goods. The main purpose of a box/cage trailer is to provide a safe and organized space for transporting items, protecting them from external elements and potential damage. It is equipped with a sturdy structure and walls, typically made of metal, which ensures the security and stability of the cargo. This type of trailer is widely used in industries like logistics, construction, and agriculture due to its ability to transport a wide range of items efficiently.

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